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Turn to Stripe-It-Seal-It in Keene, NH, for exceptional services in asphalt maintenance and related areas. Has the parking lot for your office eroded a bit? Allow your employees or customers to get in and out smoothly with asphalt repair or crack filling from us. Has the paint faded in the parking area of your apartment building? Choose us for your line-painting needs. We specialize in large, commercial projects as well as residential driveways. We are committed to delivering excellent quality – from the specific job to customer service.
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Asphalt Maintenance in Keene, NH | Stripe It Seal It

Asphalt Patch Repair

When you identify a spot that’s close-to-gone, give us a call. Through asphalt patch repair, we saw-cut pavement and remove the asphalt. Then we will refill the spot – to match the rest and function nicely.

Asphalt Seal Coating in Keene, NH | Stripe it Seal It

Seal Coating

Depending on your pavement condition, we may recommend seal coating.

We apply a coal-tar emulsion that adheres and rejuvenates the asphalt during this process. The coating is applied thoroughly, by our team with a combination of sprayers, brushes, and squeegees (we have a squeegee machine that allows us to double-seal) and is designed to make your space look fresh and new!

Asphalt Line Painting in Keene, NH | Stripe it Seal It

Line Painting

Properly painted lines help ensure cars know where to park. A larger parking area requires clear and well-defined lines.

We apply controlled, spray, latex paints for parking stalls and restricted zones in lots.
If you have a new or resurfaced lot that needs measuring to ensure the best layout, we are well-versed in following civil-engineering drawings and Autocad files. We will make the job easier for you.

Asphalt Crack Filling in Keene, NH

Crack Filling

In contrast to repaving, crack-filling is typically a more cost-effective option. It helps prevent further cracking, reduces the shock or severity of bumps, and makes driving safer. The process involves filling cracks with a rubber-based product that binds pieces of rigid asphalt together. We typically apply it at temperatures just below 400°F for maximum adhesion.

Asphalt Stencil Painting in Keene, NH | Stripe it Seal It

Stencil Painting

Do you need more elaborate painting done? Turn to our team for stencil painting. We use controlled spray latex-based paints and shaped stencils. The types of stencils we use include:

  • Arrows
  • Handicap markings
  • Letterings, such as “NO PARKING”
  • And more!

Colors typically used for stencil painting: white and blue.*

* We’re proud to help our neighbors and environment. That’s why we use non-toxic latex-based paints versus harsh chemicals. We have oil, solvent-based paints available for clients upon request.

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